Just a girl, sitting quietly, releasing the pressure valve on her brain.

Today would have been mums 89th birthday. Funny story (of which I have minimal and incredibly vague information), for years as a child, mum celebrated her birthday on a date other than January 8. Well, one of her brothers (mum was the youngest of 7) returned from fighting overseas or in Israel (I guess), and told her that her birthdate was actually January 8th, and not whatever date she had thought. I guess my grandmother had some language issues, and generalized confusion – scrambling to survive can do that to a person. Whenever I hear people espousing on the validity of astrological signs, I think of that.

Anyway, mum’s new birthday was also the birthdate of Elvis which she loved, and would always mention it whenever anyone wished her a happy birthday. I don’t recall her being a huge Elvis fan, I mean, she liked him, but not crazy over the top or anything. To be honest though, we never really talked about him, so maybe she had a secret passion for him. I dunno.

Here we see mum, in what I guess is the late 70’s/early 80’s showing us her birthday cake. The thing is, mum was the one who baked the chocolate cakes, so I don’t know where this one came from. I think that maybe mum baked it and frosted it and then left it for us to decorate? That seems kind of strange, but also the kind of the thing she would do. I don’t know how old she would have been here, but she really didn’t age much, so it’s not all that important, at least to me.

So – today I’m gonna check my horoscope, make a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich, swivel my hips and think about mum.

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