Just a girl, sitting quietly, releasing the pressure valve on her brain.

Here’s what I believe. I believe that everything and everyone is connected. I believe that we are distinct points that are joined together. The connections may be steel beams, or gossamer threads. It may look like a perfectly spun spider web, or like a bulletin board on a crime show with red yarn thumbtacked to […]

Today would have been mums 89th birthday. Funny story (of which I have minimal and incredibly vague information), for years as a child, mum celebrated her birthday on a date other than January 8. Well, one of her brothers (mum was the youngest of 7) returned from fighting overseas or in Israel (I guess), and […]

I always wanted a dog growing up. Like, really badly. I would ask my dad, and he would tell me to ask my mother. I would ask my mother, and she would say no. Absolutely not. They were too much work, would make a mess, and she suspected (knew) she would be the one to […]

I think that candid photographs can show you stuff you never would have noticed and catch moments of life that you may not have thought warranted a second glance. Posed portraits serve a purpose and have their own place and tell their own stories, but it’s the candid photos that can tell a story you […]

Sadness has been visiting me a lot more in the last couple of years. I’m sure this is true for many people; sadness seems to be getting around quite a bit. Sadness usually ambles in, parks it’s ass on the couch next to me, and just sits quietly, inhaling and exhaling. Not really disruptive, but […]

Unless you are using both hands to defuse a bomb that you found in your breadbasket, there is no reason why you need to be on speakerphone in a restaurant. There are two of you, so I’m not sure who’s phone it is, but both of you are lounging at your table, legs sprawled out, […]

Take your pivoting, and your puzzles and your sourdough starter, and shove them up your ass. And then take your upbeat attitude and your side business selling homemade masks, and your righteous indignation, and shove that up your ass too. Take your meditations and your mantras and your Pollyanna memes and, yes, you guessed it. […]